• We have two papers accepted for CIAA 2023; M-equivalence of Parikh Matrix over a Ternary Alphabet and Smaller Representation of Compiled Regular Expressions. Well done, Joonghyuk, Hyunjoon and Sicheol! Keep pushing.
  • 휴먼-AI 협업 프로그래밍 플랫폼 과제 2단계가 시작되었습니다. 기간은 2023.03 ~ 2025.02 입니다.
  • We have one paper accepted for DCFS 2023; Existential and Universal Width of Alternating Finite Automata. This is joint work with Prof. Salomaa (Queen's, Canada) and Prof. Ko (KNU, South Korea).
  • We have two papers accepted for DLT 2023; Weak Inverse Neighborhood of Languages and On the Simon's Congruence Neighborhood of Languages. Good job, Hyunjoon and Sungmin! Indeed we are a language research group.
  • Our "Contrastive Learning with Keyword-based Data Augmentation for Code Search and Code Question Answering" paper is accepted for EACL 2023. Congrats Shinwoo and Youngwook.
  • Our "Automated Grading of Regular Expressions" paper is accepted for ESOP 2023. Good job, Youngwook. This is joint work with Prof. Sang-Ki Ko's group from Kangwon National University.


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